Private Policy

Oddone Games Inc. (collectively Oddone Games) respect the privacy of its online users and recognize the importance of providing a secure environment for them. We have adopted company-wide privacy regulation according to the Protection of Communications Secrets Act, Telecommunications Business Act of the Korean government, and it explains how we collect store and use the information you provide us.
We uploaded our privacy regulation at our official homepage, and highly recommend that you to read it before providing any personally identifiable information. By using websites and/or any of Oddone Games’s online products or services, you signify your assent to this Privacy policy. If you do not agree with our policy, please do not use our service.
Types of information we collect
We require certain information from you in order to provide the service to you.
First, when you use our services, Oddone Games may collect and store required personally identifiable information that you have directly provided on a voluntary basis.
For example, when you register with us, we may collect certain necessary information for us to provide you with services and products, including your name, email address, username, nicknames and passwords, and social networking usernames, device identification numbers (Device ID or IMEI), and cookies.
Second, when you use our services, Oddone Games may collect and store the following information. (1) Usage statics with services, (2) Cookies, (3) Service access logs, (4) Records on malicious usage of the service, and cookies.
Third, if it is necessary, Oddone Games may collect additional information from users who are willing to use paid services provided by Oddone Games. All paid services provided by Oddone Games require the following information from their users.
(1) Valid credit card number, (2) Purchase history, (3) Certificate, (4) Email address to provide you with technical support or to respond to your questions or comments, (5) Any other necessary information
If an on-line visitor submits information to Oddone Games, it will usually take the form of either: the purchase of products or services through on-line, in-game plays, or using platforms which have affiliation with Oddone Games
Sharing of Your Information
It is our policy not to share your Personal Information with third parties unaffiliated with Oddone Games for their own use except in the following circumstances:
With Your approval: From time to time we may ask for your approval to share Personal Information with third parties. When we ask for your approval, it is your choice whether to grant it or not, though certain features, offers or functionalities of the Service may be impaired depending on your choice. If you choose to not give your approval, we will not share your Personal Information with the third party at issue.
Third Party Service Providers: We may use third party service providers, such as payment gateway companies, platform service companies, and analytics companies to help us provide or improve our products and services.
Legal Purposes: We may provide your Personal Information to third parties where we have a good faith belief that doing so is required by law or to cooperate with regulators or law enforcement authorities.
In-Game Events: For some game related events, we may share information, including your personal information such as profile and nicknames you are currently using in our game.
How We Use the Information We Collect
We may use the Personal Information, Non-Personal Information and Technical and Usage Information we collect in the following ways.
To provide you with technical support or to respond to your questions or comments (including trouble settlement)
To comply with our legal or regulatory obligations
To offer products and services that may be of interest of you (Such as upgrade opportunities, contests, promotions, or special events and etc)
To provide you with relevant and targeted or direct advertising from Oddone Games or its third parties
To send you e-mails with useful updates or promotions about our products and services
Gathering statistics which may be used for offering you better services and products
With whom may be your personal information be shared
As already mentioned at the clause above, Oddone Games will share your personal information with third parties only in the ways that are described in this Privacy Policy. We do not sell your personal information to third parties. We may, however, share non-personally identifiable public information with certain third parties. Additionally, we may share your game play data and unique device ID (UDID) with third parties for the purpose of personalizing, adjusting and improving our services.
Personal information retention date
Your personal information will be immediately disposed as soon as we fulfill the purpose of using the information. However, as for specific information, we could preserve it for the specified period. The list of the information is as follows
The Information which is required to be preserved for the internal practice
– Fraudulent Usage Record (Purpose: for preventing unlawful usage of Oddone Games product / Retention Date: 1 year (365 days))
The information which is required to be preserved under an act of Korean law.
In this case, the collected information is only to be preserved and used for the purpose indicated under related public act.
– Records of transactions and contracts between Oddone Games and its user (Legal basis: Enforcement Decree of the act on the consumer protection in electronic commerce, etc. / Retention Date: 5 years (1,825 days))
– Records of Dispute settlement between Oddone Games and its user (Legal basis: Enforcement Decree of the act on the consumer protection in electronic commerce, etc. / Retention Date: 3 years (1,095 days))
– Records of Identification (Legal basis: Act on the Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc. / Retention Date: 6 months (183 days))
– Records on visits (Legal basis: Protection of Communications secrets act / Retention Date: 3 months (61 days))
Personal information management guideline
Under following guidelines, your personal information will be immediately disposed as soon as we fulfill the purpose of using the information.
Procedure for the disposal
– The personal information which user inserted for using Oddone Games’s service and products will be preserved at the separate database for a specified period of time. The expired personal information will be disposed immediately. (Refer Personal information retention date clause)
– The collected personal information will not be used for other than as legal purpose.
Detailed method of the disposal
– The expired personal information on the paper will be disposed through shredder or incinerator.
– The expired personal information which has been preserved as electronic file will be disposed by technical methods.
Information practices Concerning Children
– If you are under the age of 14, your parents or legal guardian have rights to access or change personal information on your account. Furthermore, if they do not agree on our privacy policy, they may reject it and close your account.
– If you want to change personal information of your legal wards or children under the age of 14, you should access ‘Change information’ section. And if you want to close the account, you have to contact our Customer Support and pass identification process.
– If you request changing your personal information, we will not use it or share it with the related third party until the changed information is appropriately adopted. If your previous information has already been shared, we will take corrective measures immediately.
– As shown above, the personal information of the closed account will only be handled with under the ‘Personal information retention date’ clause.
How we collect your personal information
– Through Cookies and Similar Technological Means. When you use our Services, Oddone Games may collect information about your use and interaction with those Services. The bulk of this information is collected and stored through the use of technological means like cookies, log files, and analytical measurements and tools.
– We collect information using cookies in order to analyze the usage of our Games, for authentication purposes, and to improve and personalize the Services we provide to you. Cookies may be delivered to your device as part of your access to and use of our Games.
– You may have the option to reject cookies, depending on a variety of factors such as your device and device preferences, though you should be aware that rejecting cookies may impair certain functionalities offered from within the Service, such as allowing you to complete a purchase.
– We automatically collect unique device ID (UDID) or International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) when you create an account for using our game. Furthermore, for providing you basic in-game functions including friend recommendation, we also collect information on your in-game friends’ UDID or IMEI.
You should be aware that without information on your UDID or IMEI, we can’t provide you service properly. So, if you want to use our services and products, you should agree on this article.
Security of your personal information
To protect your personal information safe, we have been maintaining reasonable electronic and procedural safeguards as follows.
Electronic safeguards: Oddone Games has been maintaining and updating various electronic safeguards against personal information leaks by hackings and computer virus.
For example, we back up related files regularly and update encrypted communication continuously. Furthermore, we have adopted the intrusion prevention system which can protect our system and data from intrusion.
Privacy protection team: Oddone Games is running privacy protection team which exclusively handles personal information of our users. All of its staffs have expertise in the related area, and all tasks related to personal information of Oddone Games is allowed for them only. Furthermore, we have proceeded periodic inspection on its every staff whether they are handling personal information legally.
While we take reasonable precautions against possible security threats, there is no such thing as “perfect security” on the Internet, so we cannot guarantee that unauthorized access, hacking, data loss, or other breaches will never occur. We strongly recommend that you take steps to maximize the security of your Personal Information, such as not sharing your login information and logging out of your account after you are done using our Service. When you disclose about you to others, you do so at your own risk, and we are not responsible for protecting the information that you choose to communicate to other users on the Service, or for the actions of other users.
Contact us
If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Privacy policy or our information practices generally, you may submit your question through our customer support page. We allow you to access and change or modify your information as previously provided. You may do so by accessing and editing your information in the Service or by contacting customer support. To protect your privacy and security, we may take reasonable steps to verify your identity before granting access or making changes or modifications. Unfortunately, we cannot always ensure that such changes or modifications will be reflected in all iterations of your information as previously stored.
The Person in charge: YoungChae Kim
Title: Team Leader
Contact Information: / 07082900661
Duty of Disclosure
We reserve the right to change and update this Privacy Policy. These changes will be made when appropriate, promptly. Every change and update on this policy will be disclosed at the Oddone Games site ( and respective official game channels which we are currently servicing. Any changes to this Privacy Statement will take effect after a reasonable time span (at least a week) as outlined in the notice of such changes. We strongly recommend you to examine our Policy from time to time to ensure you are aware of any changes we may have made. Your continued use of the Service after such notice and an appropriate time span as outlined in the notice will be considered as showing agreement with our policy.
Additional Clause
This Policy will come into effect from September 8, 2020.